Residential Shade Sail

A residential shade sail is a great way to expand your living space outdoors and protect your patio from the harmful effects of the sun. Shade sails as patio covers also give an artistic focal point and don't trap the heat beneath them. A shade sail allows the outdoor space to breathe and can cool the area beneath it as much as 20%. Contact us today for a quote on a shade sail for your backyard! read more

Commercial Shade Sails

Commercial projects are incorporating shade sails more often into their design. A shade sail can be manufactured with side lengths up to 100' and are great for outdoor seating areas such as amphitheaters and smoking spots. They are also commonly used as parking covers and to shade walkways. Call now and we'll give you a budget for a commercial space! read more

Industrial Sail Shade

For industrial spaces such as storage yards and equipment parking, a shade sail can be an inexpensive way of protecting your assets and disguising whatever you are storing. Phoenix Arizona is known for its extreme heat and metallic or chemical products are often damaged by the sun. A shade sail can reduce the direct impact of the sun and keep things a lot cooler. For a quote on a shade sail for an industrial area email us or contact us by phone! read more

Tyco Shade Sails

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